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Why should I renew my certification?

Life will keep throwing curve balls at you, and as adults, learning new skills - you know the old saying -  "If you don't use it, you lose it." 

So, not only will you continue to use your skills, but you will also be layering on new skills that complement each other.

Working within the frameworks seamlessly to get you even better results.  

What to expect

Just 10 hours of core courses designed to support your personal well-being journey and gain traction in your organization. 

We hit on new topics that are relevant and universal.  

As always though!!! You'll have access to bonus content to make it easier when implementing new strategies in your work and life. 

Program Overview

CVBP Level II - Elevate

The Veterinary Burnout Prep Program Level II is an advanced course specifically tailored for veterinary professionals who have successfully completed Level I or equivalent introductory courses. This program focuses on building upon the foundational knowledge gained in Level I and delving deeper into strategies, tools, and skills necessary to prevent and manage burnout in the demanding field of veterinary medicine.

When you enroll

You'll gain access to

  • Strategies for setting and maintaining boundaries in a veterinary practice.

  • Creating an inclusive environment

  • Effective communication skills

  • Managing as an empath without fatigue and burnout

  • Applying EQ in leadership and teamwork.

  • Self-reflection and assessment strategies

The profession IS changing!

Be the change

Pricing options

We asked what you wanted more of

  • Handling difficult clients and situations with professionalism.

  • Implementing workplace wellbeing programs.

  • Networking and resource-sharing among veterinary professionals.

Program Objectives

- To provide veterinary professionals, animal caregivers and related roles with advanced strategies to recognize, prevent, and mitigate burnout.

- To explore topics related to work-life balance, stress management, and emotional well-being.

- To enhance resilience and coping skills to thrive in a challenging veterinary environment.

- To foster a supportive community of veterinary professionals for peer support and networking.

-To cultivate inclusive and engaged teams who reach for shared success, together. 

Deepen your personal journey while helping others.

Brittany Beats Burnout

"I feel like myself again"

More Program Highlights

  • Advanced techniques

    for recognizing early signs of burnout and implementing proactive strategies.

  • In-depth exploration

    of stressors in the veterinary field and effective stress management techniques.

  • Developing advocacy

    through E.Q. we shift to building resilience for ourselves and our teams

Bonus material

We've got your back!

  • Leadership Toolkit

  • Mindful Monday

  • Mastermind Invitation

Let's get started!

I'm ready to learn more and achieve more, with LESS effort!

CVBP Level II includes

Here are some of the products that are included in your enrollment.

GAIN time like Heather

Get more done for yourself, with less effort, and help others in the process


Expected requirements to renew your certification

Core & Electives make up just 10 hours of CVBP continuing education credits + One project of your choosing.

Group Coaching

Lastly, in addition to the peer community & networking opportunities, you will be invited to participate in group coaching! 

Where we will discuss strategied and best practices for individual & organizational implementation. 

Keep an eye on your inbox after enrollment for more information.🎯

Guest Instructors

Dr. Tierra Price DVM


Dr. Price founded BlackDVM Network, a community that connects Black veterinary professionals for mentorship and advancing veterinary medicine. This safe space provides educational and networking opportunities for its members as well as a sense of belonging. Dr. Price’s commitment to highlighting Black veterinary professionals is directly related to her desire for a mentor she could identify with.