Why this program?

Developing a mindfulness & meditation practice has inumerable benefits to reshaping your life.

  • Self-paced so you can access it anytime, anywhere which means you can enjoy spending more time doing what matters most to you

  • Step by step guided explanations of how to actually cultivate the practice so you can begin using the techniques the same day

  • Reduce overreactions so you can be more relaxed and make less mistakes

  • Develop emotional balance to make clearer decisions and end unnecessary anxiety

  • These are sure-fire secrets to living a happier life that feels good while being more present than you ever thought possible!

  • Reconnect with your passions in life so you can be fulfilled and enjoy your work

Did you know?

Not knowing HOW to practice mindfulness and/or meditation is what stops people from implementing it into their lives.

Course curriculum

    1. GMU Facebook Group

    2. Preface

    3. Fun & Quick Mindfulness Quiz

    4. MnM welcome

    5. Shared Video Presentation

    6. Practicing Non-judgment

    1. 3 min Breath Awareness Meditation

    2. STOP Mindfulness Meditation

    3. 10 Min Mindfulness Meditation

    4. Box Breathing Exercise/Meditation

    5. Meditation Tips & Tools for Enhancement

    6. Just Breathe Ebook | Building & Calming Energy with Breath

    7. Meditation Basics

    8. Meditation Tools

    1. Putting it all together

    1. Mindfulness quiz

About this course

  • $47.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

*Bonus* mindfulness & meditation resources

Driving the application of M&M into daily life & work

  • Printables

  • Guided Meditations

  • Like-Minded Community


What people are experiencing

I had no idea that their skill set would impact me mentally and emotionally in such a profound way

by Carla T. - DVM

No words can begin to explain HOWWWW MUCHHH her topic and wealth of knowledge would have an impact on my life.... starting later that same day. After her talk, I found myself recalling her motivating and enlightening words as I tried to slow down the haste in my own life. Torn between having a healthy Work-Life-Balance, I was able to hone-in on the insight spoken: be mindful.... take a deep breath... and focus. I did just that. Almost instantly, I felt a burden being lifted.

"She is heaven-sent."

Charles O.

"Ms. Machel, has been a not only my coach but a friend for the past year. She walks with you along your journey (one that you set for yourself, or one you both set), and guides you along the way --- sometimes as the "friend", but also as the "teacher/sage", shedding light on a new perspective. I believe she is an "old soul" sent here to help me on my way through life/business/personal. Kindness, compassion, and truth emanate from her. Soak her up while you get the chance. She is heaven-sent." Respectfully,

If you are feeling any of the above emotions like I was, do yourselves a favor and sign up for a seminar. You won't regret it.

Marie B. -DVM

I went into her seminar feeling severely anxious, stressed and burned out from my job with compassion fatigue nipping at my heels. As a busy Chief of Staff for a very large veterinary corporation, these things were directly affecting my ability to perform my duties to the fullest. I lacked the skills and knowledge to recover from my everyday work life. This seminar not only gave me SO many tools, resources and the personal insight needed to start my journey into my own health and wellness but, more importantly, the realization that I wasn't alone and there was hope to recover enough to rejoin the field I loved and respected. I want to thank Renee Machel for bringing her experiences, skills, and knowledge to the veterinary community. If you are feeling any of the above emotions like I was, do yourselves a favor and sign up for a seminar. You won't regret it.

Proven benefits

Studies support mindfulness and meditation having massive impacts on the things you desire most. Whether you are a leader in the industry, an aspiring leader, or the leader of your own life, these skills will transform your days!

  • Generate energy

  • Improved attitude

  • Better focus & memory

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