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Are you a veterinary professional who often finds yourself overwhelmed by anticipatory anxiety before important appointments, communication, procedures or other things? 

Do you want to gain the confidence and tools necessary to navigate these moments with ease and grace? 

Look no further. 

Welcome to "Anticipatory Anxiety," your comprehensive online course tailored specifically for veterinary professionals like you.

What is the Anticipatory Anxiety Course?

It is more than just a course – it's your ultimate guide to mastering anticipatory anxiety in the veterinary field. Developed by a mental health expert and discussed with an experienced veterinary professionals, this course offers a unique blend of understanding and principles to help you navigate it. Empowering you to manage anticipatory anxiety effectively and enhancing your overall well-being.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Our Anticipatory Anxiety Course!

    1. Anticipatory Anxiety Presentation and Discussion

    1. Dr. Feldman Article on DVM 360

    2. Post the AAA Mantra

    3. CBT Journaling

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The best version of yourself

Don't let anticipatory anxiety hold you back from excelling in your veterinary career. Enroll in "Anticipatory Anxiety" today and equip yourself with the tools and confidence to navigate any situation with calmness, clarity, and compassion. Your patients, clients, and most importantly, yourself, deserve the best version of you. Ready to embrace peace and thrive in your veterinary career? Join us now and embark on the journey to a more peaceful and fulfilling professional life.