This course is RACE-Approved for 2 CE Hours

but more importantly... this course is

Practical. Useful. Relevant.

It covers information that is meant to be very useful to you - the veterinary care-giver. 

It's also meant to help you better understand a subject that isn't talked about nearly as much as it should be.

It is not filled with statistics, definitions, jargon, and lingo that only mental health professionals would understand. 

It is filled with common questions from a veterinarian that are being asked to a behavioral health expert who specializes in suicide prevention. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify three (3) of the common myths/misconceptions which perpetuate erroneous beliefs about suicide. 

  • Describe and list common suicide risk factors, warning signs, and protective factors. 

  • Discuss the significance of warning signs for suicide and how the fundamental understanding of warning signs is pivotal in suicide prevention.

  • Define the “IS PATH WARM” acronym and how applying this evidence-based approach can contribute to decreasing suicide in the veterinary profession. 

  • Describe and provide a demonstration of the “normalization technique” for use with someone you think might be suicidal. 

  • Identify at least three (3) practical resources which can be used for helping someone who may be in a suicidal crisis. 

Taught by an Expert | Veterinarian Guided

PhD. Social Work; Focus - Suicide Prevention, Intervention, Postvention Barry Feldman

Dr. Feldman is a nationally-recognized researcher, trainer, and educator in the field of suicide intervention and prevention. He is a sought after trainer and speaker on the topic of suicide prevention and response in public safety settings. In addition, Dr. Feldman provides technical assistance to schools and universities across the country to help in developing and implementing policies, procedures, and strategies to prevent suicide. Dr. Feldman is regarded as a principal presenter on mental health and suicide risk for professional groups such as physicians, mental health workers, and veterinarians. Dr. Feldman holds a research appointment with the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs and conducts suicide prevention-related workshops and in-service training sessions for police officers and other law enforcement personnel, mental health clinicians, educators, and other health care providers. He is also an approved trainer for the American Academy of Suicidology, the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, and a certified trainer for the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. He is a former Chairman of the Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention. Dr. Feldman completed his bachelors of science at the University of Massachusetts in Law and Psychology, and he obtained his PHD in Clinical Psychology at Boston College.

Veterinarian; Personal and Professional Development Specialist Quincy Hawley

Dr. Quincy Hawley graduated from NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine with his D.V.M. in 2013. After graduating, he spent 5 years working for Banfield Pet Hospital in Fayetteville, NC, and now serves as a part-time veterinarian on weekends, the President of the NC Association of Minority Veterinarians, and he also serves on the NC State CVM Admissions Committee. After overcoming his own wellbeing struggles, Dr. Hawley has developed a huge passion for improving wellbeing in the veterinary profession, and he has devoted the rest of his veterinary career towards making poor wellbeing and abnormally high suicide things of the past for the veterinary community! Putting action behind his desires, Dr. Hawley co-founded Get MotiVETed, a company that provides wellbeing solutions for all members of the veterinary community. Through Get MotiVETed, Dr. Hawley aims to help the veterinary community pursue personal development, mindfulness, and the highest levels of self-care. He has two daughters, 7 dogs, 5 chickens, and an evil blue-crowned conure named, Jack (aka Satan lol). He is married to Dr. Kershaw-Hawley, who is also a veterinarian and wellbeing enthusiast (Tuskegee University CVM 2013).

Thoughts from veterinary professionals:

"Overall this was a really solid intro to suicide prevention and taught me some terms that I can see myself using as well as busting some myths that I have personally heard (for example: that talking about suicide can insight action). 

The biggest take away for me came from Dr. Hawley as a bit of a reminder that we brace ourselves to have difficult conversations with clients, but we somehow find it harder to brace ourselves for the same types of conversations with staff. " 

Laura Lanning, Veterinary Practice Manager, NC

"This course was very informative and helpful even for someone who thought they knew a lot. I appreciate Dr. Feldman's breakdown of how to ask.  "

Heather Anderson, Veterinary Assistant

"I liked the course... The info was good... I feel pretty educated on the topic already - I think it will be super valuable for people who are early in their exploration of mental health awareness and self-care."

Virginia S., DVM, Former Chief of Staff

"As someone who has lost a friend to suicide, I can honestly say that the information in this course is sound and - if taken seriously and acted upon - can really be useful in helping someone in need. Dr. Feldman is a wealth of knowledge, and he really does do a great job at making it simple." 

Dr. Quincy Hawley, Veterinarian

Suicide Prevention Doesn't Have to be the Elephant in the Room

Let's face it, suicide in the veterinary profession is a very REAL thing. 

Suicides do occur, and as a profession that can have a high physical, mental, and emotional stress load, veterinary professionals are at increased risk

The other side of the coin, however, is that we CAN prevent suicides from happening. 

While it can be a very heavy and uncomfortable topic to discuss, talking about and learning about suicide prevention is not as heavy as the pain of losing someone to suicide

Much like you do for preventing certain diseases in animals, you need to have at least a basic set of knowledge as it relates to the subject of suicide prevention

This suicide prevention basics course is a great place to start as it relates to gaining a better understanding. 

It is a VERY noble thing for you to equip yourself with basic suicide prevention knowledge that could help to save the life of a colleague, family member, or friend

Make the investment!

In truth, 2 hours of your time and a small monetary investment isn't much of an investment compared to the loss of life of a human. 

2 hours of your time and a small monetary investment isn't much of an investment compared to the sorrow that many may feel from losing a loved one. 

Having lost a good friend to suicide, I can honestly say that the pain of investing a little time and money into learning some profound - yet simple - information doesn't compare to the pain of losing a friend. 

"The discomfort of asking someone if 'they are thinking of ending their life' doesn't compare to the pain of losing a friend, loved one, or colleague who died by suicide." 

- Dr. Quincy Hawley

Small Animal Practitioner

NCSU-CVM c/o 2013 

This course reduces the awkwardness and equips you with the know-how to approach and support someone who may be going through a particularly challenging time. 

It also could help you realize if you are the one who needs to reach out.

-Renee Machel 

Vet tech   

Our Challenge to You

✅Take action and learn the basics of suicide prevention so that you can feel more confident and competent, which means you will be more aware of a fellow human at risk or in need, and you will be more knowledgeable about what to do next

✅Share your goal of learning so you can help beat the stigma of talking about suicide prevention and mental health, which means you may inspire and empower someone else to take action

✅Use the knowledge that you learn in this course to help those who may need help, which means you'll not only be making an impact to save animals, but you'll also be prepared to take actions to help your friends, family, and colleagues

Thank you in advance for your time and investment!

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