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If you value wellbeing and success and fall into any of the following categories, then The Get MotiVETed Podcast "Exploratory" is PERFECT for YOU!

  • Veterinarian

  • Vet Tech/Nurse

  • Vet Receptionist/CSC

  • Practice/Office Manager

  • Pre-Veterinary Student

  • Veterinary Student

  • Faculty Member

  • Regulatory/Pharma/Food/Diagnostic Rep

  • Vet Professional in Other Industries

Course curriculum

  • 1

    "Exploratory" The Get MotiVETed Podcast With Quincy and Renee

    • Welcome to Exploratory!

    • Episode 1: Overcoming Failure to Achieve Great Success with Purdue Universtiy First-Year Vet Student Carrie Oakes

    • Episode 2: Tips for Balancing Vet Med and Personal Life

    • Episode 3: Practical Mindfulness for the Veterinary Professional

    • Episode 4: Practical Mindfulness for the Veterinary Professional Part 2

    • Episode 5: You Don't Have to Do Vet Med and Life Alone! Featuring Michelle Larkin

    • Episode 6: Personal Development and Self-Care: 2 Wellbeing Super Powers for Vet Professionals

    • Episode 7: U.C. Davis Veterinary Student Shares Her Awesome Strategies for Prioritizing and Maintaining Wellbeing

    • Episode 8: How to Increase Your Self-Belief for Veterinary Professionals

    • Episode 9: How to Make Time for Yourself and Crush Your Veterinary Career

    • Episode 10: How to Handle Mistakes and Failure Without Shaming Yourself and What to Do Instead

    • Episode 11: A Fun and Effective Way to Create a Burnout Free Life

    • Episode 12: How Veterinary Professionals Can Create The Perfect Work/Life Experience

    • Episode 13: From Struggle to Inner-Peace: A Veterinarian's Story of Overcoming Burnout

    • Episode 14: From stoppable to anything is possible! A real-life attitude change by veterinary student Julianna Frenette

    • Episode 15: How to Create a Culture of Wellbeing Despite COVID with Veterinary Practice Manager Laura Lanning

    • Episode 16: How Neuro Vet Dr. Julie Ducote Handles the Stress of Life & Vet Med - Get MotiVETed Exploratory

    • Episode 17: How to Make Life and Vet Med Beautiful Again with Vet Assistant Brittany Miller

    • Episode 18: How Prioritizing Hospital Wellbeing Can Improve Employee Retention

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