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  • Veterinary Communication Simplified

    You will discover key secrets and a simple framework to becoming a communication ninja master without having to take a long communication course or spend a lot of money on complex communication training. It’s no surprise that many people come into veterinary medicine because they would rather work with animals than people. There’s one small problem with wanting to be in vet med without human communication: Most animals come with an accompanying human being that the veterinary professional will have to deal with. Even if the animal comes without a human, you will have to communicate well with other members of the veterinary team in order to help the animal. Frequently, veterinary professionals avoid communication and become resentful towards it because it stands in the way of interacting with the animals and doing the things you or your team want to be doing! Well, at the end of this session, you will feel confident that you can communicate with just about anyone using our simple communication tactics and strategies!

  • Mindful Communication

    We share vitally important ways that mindful communication can lead to the success of your vet career. Unpacking the secrets of how we can more effectively communicate so that you may find more satisfaction in your job, follow through on your intentions, let others know they are valued, and believe when others pay you a compliment. Developing and implementing the skill of mindful communication has been proven to reduce stress and improve your focus, and by the end of this lecture, you will be competent and feel confident in your ability to use mindful communication in the workplace.

  • When Communication Goes Wrong!

    Whether we’re talking about drama and conflict between “the front” and “the back”, boss and employee, client and team member, or even conflict between cliques in the veterinary hospital, we all know it decreases productivity and performance! Drama and conflict are almost always due to a breakdown in communication. In this talk, we will share a simple framework that removes subjectivity from avoiding and resolving conflict. These strategies and tactics are useful in diffusing upset clients and preventing drama or conflict in your organization, which means you will thrive in these situations should you ever find yourself there! Even more devastating can be the blow to one’s self-confidence after a communication breakdown. Whether the cause is blame, shame, judgment, or criticism, we can often internalize words and outcomes from confrontations, which is why we also cover skills to help you “bounce back” after things go wrong, so you can get back to the job you love and not take your work challenges home with you! We’ll discuss how to positively shift, repair relationships and the #1 type of communication you want to master!

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  • Diffusing Clients & Reaching Shared Success

    An in-depth e-book that will help you navigate challenging client situations with increased ease.

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    1. Welcome Message from Dr. Hawley and Renee!

    1. Renee Video Presentation

    1. Mindful communication

    2. More about Mindfulness

    1. Part One with Dr. Quincy

    2. Part Two with Renee

    1. When Communication Goes Wrong! How to Prevent and Handle Conflict and Drama in the Veterinary Workplace

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