Optimize your life

You ever feel like one area of your life is great, and another sucks?! Like your career is advancing, at the cost of your social life... Understand what is most important to you and how to allow it to reshape your life.

  • Balance all areas of your life and work so that you aren't trying to "drive the car with a square wheel."

  • Gain clarity so that you can stop spinning your wheels and wandering aimlessly which means you will feel engaged and live your passion!

  • Create harmony and actually achieve it with actionable steps you work through day by day

Course curriculum

    1. A welcome from your instructor

    2. Crafting your vision

    3. Balanced Life Wheel

    4. Defining Ideals

    5. Core Values

    6. Create Your Visual Representation

    1. Setting the Trajectory

    2. "Unlimited" Goals & Intentions

    3. Practical Planning & Strategy

    4. GTD

    5. HPH

    6. Systems

    7. GTD Methodolgy guide - Credit to David Allen

    1. Next-Leveling

    2. Insight and Clarity Workbook

    3. Crafting a Supportive Environment

    4. Magnifying Your Life Wheel 🔍

    5. Becoming who you are

    1. The pen that writes your story, must be held in your own hands. -Irene Kassalora

    2. Answer these two questions

About this course

  • $47.00
  • 20 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

The Light at the end of the tunnel

Dr. Hawley and Renee were awesome in their presentation to us. I learned so much and got inspired to change my ways. Would definitely recommend to any veterinary (or non-veterinary) professional. Grateful that they are helping our community - thank you! I look forward to practicing what you taught us. -Christy Skoglund