How the Burnout P.R.E.P. Certification Works: 

1. Complete Courses and Earn Hours!

🐶 This certification requires that you take 20 credit hours of burnout/wellbeing courses

🐶 Each course that you complete will give you a certificate worth 1-4 hours that goes towards your overall certification

2. Complete 1 Burnout P.R.E.P. Project!

🐴 Access the approved projects list and choose a project

🐴 The projects are designed to ensure that you use the information that you are learning

3. Take the Final Exam!

😻 After you have completed your project and required hours, you need to pass a final examination 

😻 Get at least a 70% grade to pass

4. Submit and Get Your Certificate!

🦜 After you have completed your hours, project, and final exam, you simply submit all materials to earn your certification!

🦜 Congrats! You will now have earned your badge of honor and the privilege of adding the letters "CVBP" to the end of your name!

Here are some of the courses in the program!

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