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👉 "I just wanted to reach out and thank you again for your time and wonderful presentation last night. I've included some feedback I've already received which has been amazing!" Hayleigh E., Meeting Planner

👉 "I really enjoyed Dr. Hawley's perspectives and life experiences when dealing with burnout and personal challenges! Thank you for offering this series!"

👉 "I really enjoyed this presentation, it was very applicable immediately regardless of the stage of vet school we're at!"

👉 "I really appreciate all of Dr. Hawley's advice! I definitely find myself thinking through my emotions which causes me to overanalyze my feelings, so I've been worried about the possibility of burnout."

👉 "Dr. Hawley was incredible, I would love to continue to hear things from him in more depth."

👉 "Loved how interactive the speaker was, with lots of great analogies and quotes! Very different from burnout talks I have heard in the past, which was refreshing!"

👉 "The speaker was very inspirational and motivational. He was the embodiment of happiness and goals."

👉 "This was a great talk, and I loved how relevant it is to our profession. I also loved how the talk was easy to understand."

👉 "Very great presentation! Offers a lot of hope for those of us preparing to enter the workforce!"

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    1. What's This Burnout Preparedness Thing All About?

    1. Presentation

    1. Next Steps to Becoming Veterinary Burnout Prepared!

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