Introducing the Veterinary Burnout P.R.E.P. Certification Program Starter Pack

👉 This is a great way for you to get started on your burnout preparedness journey without having to pay the full $397! 

👉 While the Starter Pack will not get you everything you need to become Burnout Preparedness Certified, it will get you well on your way! 

👉 You will discover important skills, tools, strategies, principles, tactics, and resources that will be extremely useful in your life and veterinary career! 

The Starter Pack Includes: 

✅ 2 RACE-Approved Credit Hours in case you're a licensed professional who needs CE!

✅ 10 CVBP Credit Hours which means you'll be well on your way to earning your CVBP!

✅ 5 Powerful Courses so that you can discover a variety of strategies to decrease burnout and increase your wellbeing!

✅ The Exploratory Veterinary Wellbeing Podcast so you can learn from other veterinary professionals on the go!

✅ Access to 4 Veterinary Communities so that you can interact with other veterinary professionals who are making burnout a thing of the past!

Are you looking to Enroll in More than Just One Course? 

💡 If you want to enroll in the Full Veterinary Burnout P.R.E.P. Certification Program, you can do so by clicking here! The cost for the full program is $397. By enrolling, you will get access to everything you need to earn your CVBP!

💡 If $27 is still above what you can afford, we also have a $7 Veterinary Burnout Preparedness 101 Course that will earn you 1 CVBP credit hour towards your Burnout P.R.E.P. Certification Program. This is an excellent and cost effective option for those with financial restraints but who still want to get started on their burnout preparedness journey! You can enroll in the Burnout Preparedness 101 Course by clicking here!

The Starter Pack Includes

Here are the powerful courses that are included in this bundle:

You Will Be Well On Your Way to Earning Your Certificate of Veterinary Burnout Preparedness!

Once you complete the courses in the Starter Pack, you will have increased wellbeing competence and confidence, and you will have many of the credit hours needed to earn your CVBP!