A sample of top tools

Print half a dozen of the best templates to jumpstart your path to enhanced well-being!

I call it 'life-work', others call it 'inner work', and some may say 'all in a day's work'. Either way these templates are some of my go-to's and are sure to be a catalyst of change for those who are open and ready to not just understand key concepts but take action.

This course includes bite-sized nuggets of wisdom that are easily digested and when you are ready, GMU has plenty more resources to offer to strengthen your sense of self or your teams.

Course curriculum

    1. Life Wheels - Trifecta

    2. Meditation Basics

    3. Meditation Tools

    4. Gratitude One-Sheet

    5. Gratitude Planner

    6. Core Values Worksheets

    7. For more

    8. Help Us Improve!

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