written by Caitlyn Keat

This guidebook came to life in a whirlwind of heart storming, shared goals, and inspired writing. The Empowering Veterinary Teams (EVT) and Get MotiVETed teams met less than a year from the start of writing, and it was immediately evident that we were meant to work together. Even with the Coronavirus pandemic in full swing and disparate locations pushing our team to virtual meetings, the idea flow and synergy of the team were not affected.  


The four of us know the value of a life well-lived and a career well learned, and set out to show the interconnectedness of the two in ClinLife-21. This book weaves together the clinical and life skills we all need to find wholeness, hence the title ClinLife. Throughout these 21 chapters, you’ll find insight into the authors own careers and lives and glimpse their journey to mindfulness. By the end of the book, you’ll have a host of new tools in your kit to improve your wellbeing and clinical skills separately, and of course together.  


We have intentionally kept this book short and light to improve its ease of reading and usefulness. It is a reference that you can keep with you physically or electronically at all times. In your moments of struggle or doubt, this guidebook will serve to do just that, guide you. Remember, though, as you are reading this book that the authors didn’t understand all of this in one day or even one year. There is a reason they call medicine "a practice" and the same applies to life. Don’t attempt to make all these changes at once, and don’t stop revisiting these ideas, tweaking your approach, and of course, practicing.  


Happy reading. This book is your first step to finding harmony in your ClinLife!

ClinLife-21 creates a roadmap

So you can get unstuck, gain clarity, feel confident and competent in cultivating the skills necessary to both serve at the highest level while enhancing your sense of wellbeing WHICH MEANS you can enjoy a longstanding career in vet-med AND create a fulfilling life you deserve.

  • How everyone can achieve balance, or more importantly, harmony in both life and your clinical work.

  • We understand and address the problems, the roadblocks, the questions, and the results desired, that every veterinary professional faces on a day-to-day basis.

  • ClinLife 21 fills in that gap that ultimately lies between you and the life you desire. Whatever that picture looks or feels like for you.

  • The 21 principles that we layout is sure to bring the level of satisfaction and fulfillment you yearn for into your daily life.

  • If you're ready to take your life and veterinary career to the next level, then ClinLife 21 is the ebook for you!

Imagine a life that flows with your career

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This book blended a lot of the stuff I have heard about that could really change my life but haven't had time to research. I appreciated the different perspectives, it felt like they were in my mind. I've already started to implement this and am considering doing a 21-day challenge where I begin mastering each principle! Thanks for putting this together.

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