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Have you ever asked yourself these vital questions?

How can my personal life be better? 


How can I enjoy my job more? 


How can I help my team members thrive and be more fulfilled in their lives and careers?



With GMU your team will discover practical and effective tools and strategies for ALL of this and MORE!

***Your RVTs/LVTs and Veterinarians will get up to

9 Hours of RACE-Approved CE***

Everyone gains access to 40+ hours of veterinary wellbeing content!

Here's the BOTTOM LINE...

In life and in vet med... 

Sometimes your team members are going to face challenging days and sometimes, they will have really awesome days. 

The big "secret" to having a life of wellbeing at home and at work is to know... "How to Make the Good Days Better and the Bad Days Good!"


You may not have the time to teach this to your team members...

we get it...

❌ You are busy all day putting out fires

❌ You are focused on business metrics

❌ Perhaps you haven't figured out  how to manage your wellbeing, let alone the entire staff

❌ You get caught up in doing things that you are familiar with, and love to do, like treating the patients. 

Most importantly, many practice managers and owners don't have an easy, convenient, or affordable solution for addressing the personal and professional wellbeing of their team members. 

This is EXACTLY why we created Get MotiVETed University! 

✅ Effective: Happy employees have higher productivity, provide more quality service, make fewer mistakes, and call-off less!

✅ Convenient:  All you have to do is a 2 step process, click enroll and enter your info. Once you decide to gift GMU to your team members, we take care of the rest!

Simple: User Friendly online modules are easy to navigate, lectures can even be listened to on-the-go, templates are downloadable and printable. 

Affordable: Our program will cost you less than a few trays of Feline Leukemia Vaccines or a few bottles of Pro-Heart! 💉 You pay one low price, one time, and all of your team members get access for the year!

"It's like being in school again. The only difference is that you can do it at your own pace, on your own time, in your own home, and you can rewind it over and over again if you want! AND the information helps you live an awesome life!" 

- Dr. Quincy Hawley

GMU will help your team members discover how to thrive despite the tough stuff life and vet med can bring! 

How Do We Do It? 


We cover these top skills and make them veterinary relevant:

✔️ Gratitude, Resilience, Mindfulness, and Perspective

✔️ How to Handle Mistakes, How to Make Fewer Errors, and How to Increase Self-Belief and Decrease Self-Shame

✔️ 24 Hour Mastery, Problem Solving, Creative Imagination, Progressive Leadership, and Client Communication

✔️ Increased Performance, Decreased Burnout, Increased Self-Care

✔️  How to Apply all of the above to better balance Family and Home Life 

Here's what a veterinarian had to say after attending one of our seminars:

"Dr. Hawley and Renee were awesome in their presentation to us. I learned so much and got inspired to change my ways. Would definitely recommend to any veterinary (or non-veterinary) professional. Grateful that they are helping our community - thank you! I look forward to practicing what you taught us." - Dr. Christy Skoglund

ONLY $1940 

for entire team to gain Instant Access to GMU!

The Team Wellbeing Package includes the following courses:

*Team members also get access to any additional courses that are added*

Here's What You're Getting!

Our GMU Team Wellbeing Package Includes:

  • 9 hours of RACE-approved CE content (for licensed vet professionals)

  • 40+ hours of On-Demand, non-RACE-approved wellbeing content 

  • Access to our Weekly Live Classes and Community Mastermind Sessions

  • Access to "Exploratory" our Wellbeing Podcast

  • Inclusion into our National Wellbeing Database of veterinary hospitals who provide wellbeing resources for their team members (Launches in February 2021)

GMU will positively infuse your organization's culture of wellbeing... 

GMU will show your team members how to handle the tough parts of veterinary medicine... 

GMU will remind your team members of how awesome and enjoyable vet med is...

GMU will give you peace of mind in knowing that you are responsibly providing wellbeing resources and needed CE for your team members...

These Wellbeing Strategies Have Been Used to Increase Fulfillment, Wellbeing, and Motivation and Decrease Burnout and Resentment for:

  • Receptionists/Client Service Coordinators

  • Practice Managers and Office Managers

  • Veterinary Assistants

  • Veterinarians

  • Veterinary Students

  • Veterinary School Faculty Members

  • Veterinary Practice Owners

  • Kennel Technicians

  • Pre-Vet Students

  • Any other members of the veterinary community!

What Members of the Veterinary Community Have to Say About Us!


Dr. C. Thomas

"I recently had the honor to hear Ms. Renee Machel and Dr. Quincy Hawley speak this past weekend. After her talk, I found myself recalling her motivating and enlightening words as I tried to slow down the haste in my own life. Torn between having a healthy Work-Life-Balance, I was able to hone-in on the insight spoken: be mindful.... take a deep breath... and focus. I did just that. I had no idea that their skill set would impact me mentally and emotionally in such a profound way; but I’m so thankful I was there to receive it."

Administrator, Veterinarian

S. Salisbury, DVM, MS, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

“Thank you very much for your presentations to the students in Current Issues in Veterinary Medicine and to faculty and staff at lunch. You showed how important wellness is and that it is possible to have a veterinary career and healthy lifestyle! Thank you so much. We appreciate your willingness to make the time to visit Purdue.”


Dr. Christy Skoglund

"Dr. Hawley and Renee were awesome in their presentation to us. I learned so much and got inspired to change my ways. Would definitely recommend to any veterinary (or non-veterinary) professional. Grateful that they are helping our community - thank you! I look forward to practicing what you taught us ❤️"

D.V.M. Student

R. Minch, First Year Veterinary Student, NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine

“I was blown away during Dr. Hawley's presentation about Get MotiVETed! because his passion for other people really shone through. Wellness in the veterinary community is constantly swept under the rug; Dr. Hawley's insistence on its importance is a message that more people in veterinary medicine need to hear because it is critical to the future of the profession. Most of all, I was impressed how Dr. Hawley took the time to encourage me and answer my specific questions after the presentation. His advice was a world of help as I started veterinary school!”

DVM Student

Elizabeth C. , Texas A&M VBMA President

“Dr. Hawley had the unlucky speaking time of 10 am on a Saturday, but he completely captivated everybody in the room. He was very positive, energetic, and gave an easy to follow message with some key points to take. His talk wasn't overwhelming with statistics and information. He made it very practical by breaking things down and telling stories about himself and his colleagues. I definitely recommend for an upbeat, positive experience.”

Mental Health Professional

Dr. Nan, Ph.D., HSPP, Psychologist

“We were excited to have Dr. Hawley and Renee present to our students, and, respectively faculty and staff, at Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine. They were so relatable, connecting very easily to the audience with their warm and genuine demeanor. Their presentations were infused with impactful stories, and many useful tools for coping and self-care that were very inspiring and motivating. It was great to see many students seek Dr. Hawley and Renee after the presentations for advice and guidance. They responded to each student with so much openness and warmth. The veterinary profession is fortunate to have initiatives and work such as Dr. Hawley’s and Renee’s available to support wellbeing not only for each individual but at systemic level as well. They can truly inspire much needed professional cultural change!”

D.V.M. Student

Cassie Atkinson , DVM Student, University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine

“Dr. Hawley came to our school to give a presentation about well-being in the veterinary profession. I loved his eagerness and enthusiasm and you could tell that it was contagious to everyone that attended the talk. He really showed us that well-being can easily be achieved as long as the effort is put forth. I plan to read his book that he had handed out to some of the students and cant wait to see what great advice I get out of it. I hope to hear him speak again in my future.”

D.V.M. Student

Alexa S., DVM student, Class of 2021, Colorado State University

“Dr. Hawley came to speak with some of the DVM students at Colorado State University and held small workshops where we discussed our own struggles with wellbeing and how to improve our industry as a whole. Wellbeing is very important in our profession and something that is not discussed often. It was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend hearing Dr. Hawley speak and attending a workshop with him.”

Our Expert Veterinary Wellbeing Course Leaders

"Educating veterinary professionals about wellbeing is our passion. It's our true life purpose!"

Veterinarian; Personal and Professional Development Specialist

Quincy Hawley

Dr. Quincy Hawley graduated from NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine with his D.V.M. in 2013. After graduating, he spent 5 years working for Banfield Pet Hospital in Fayetteville, NC, and now serves as a part-time veterinarian on weekends, the President of the NC Association of Minority Veterinarians, and he also serves on the NC State CVM Admissions Committee. After overcoming his own wellbeing struggles, Dr. Hawley has developed a huge passion for improving wellbeing in the veterinary profession, and he has devoted the rest of his veterinary career towards making poor wellbeing and abnormally high suicide things of the past for the veterinary community! Putting action behind his desires, Dr. Hawley co-founded Get MotiVETed, a company that provides wellbeing solutions for all members of the veterinary community. Through Get MotiVETed, Dr. Hawley aims to help the veterinary community pursue personal development, mindfulness, and the highest levels of self-care. He has two daughters, 7 dogs, 5 chickens, and an evil blue-crowned conure named, Jack (aka Satan lol). He is married to Dr. Kershaw-Hawley, who is also a veterinarian and wellbeing enthusiast (Tuskegee University CVM 2013).

Hospital Leader; Vet Tech; Mindfulness and Wellbeing Specialist

Renee Machel

Renee Machel has dedicated over 15 years to the veterinary profession as a team leader and veterinary technician, and she is now a nationally recognized motivational speaker, mindfulness coach, registered yoga instructor, meditation guide, and co-founder of Get MotiVETed. Renee has presented to many schools and several conferences including Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, Tuskegee University, Duke University, University of Georgia CVM, NC State CVM, AVMA’s Veterinary Leadership Conference, and the AVMA Convention. She has also hosted CE seminars in the largest cities of North Carolina. Renee knows how important mindfulness-based practices are and how they can reduce stress, improve communication, and help veterinary team leaders lead inspired teams! Her areas of specialty are Self-Care, Mindfulness, Leadership, Stress Management, Gratitude, Client Communication, and Work-Life Balance! After overcoming her personal struggles with depression, anxiety and other clinical ailments from chronic stress, she is sharing her story, key skills, and knowledge to help members of the veterinary community transform their lives.

PhD. Social Work; Focus - Suicide Prevention, Intervention, Postvention

Barry Feldman

Dr. Feldman is a nationally-recognized researcher, trainer, and educator in the field of suicide intervention and prevention. He is a sought after trainer and speaker on the topic of suicide prevention and response in public safety settings. In addition, Dr. Feldman provides technical assistance to schools and universities across the country to help in developing and implementing policies, procedures, and strategies to prevent suicide. Dr. Feldman is regarded as a principal presenter on mental health and suicide risk for professional groups such as physicians, mental health workers, and veterinarians. Dr. Feldman holds a research appointment with the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs and conducts suicide prevention-related workshops and in-service training sessions for police officers and other law enforcement personnel, mental health clinicians, educators, and other health care providers. He is also an approved trainer for the American Academy of Suicidology, the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, and a certified trainer for the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. He is a former Chairman of the Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention. Dr. Feldman completed his bachelors of science at the University of Massachusetts in Law and Psychology, and he obtained his PHD in Clinical Psychology at Boston College.
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We've Spoken on the Subject of Wellbeing to Many Groups and in Many Places!

And now we hope to speak to you and your team through GMU!

We love speaking at conferences, universities, and veterinary hospitals. However, a major reason we created the GMU online school of wellbeing, is that we wanted to allow people from all over the world to have access our content without having to fly us out to their locations! While we LOVE speaking and presenting via in-person delivery, we also find much joy in virtual education! 

ONLY $1940 

for entire team to access all of our GMU courses!

Ready to get this for your team?

By making your $1940 investment, your entire team will receive instant access to all GMU courses! It's that easy!

A Final Message From Our Company Leaders...

What role will YOU play?

As an organizational leader it is in your duty to at least provide the resources to support the wellbeing of those who we have taken the responsibility to lead, and it is our duty at Get MotiVETed to make sure we provide you with a convenient, effective, and affordable way of doing so! 

We must remember that vet med is still really awesome, and it's even MORE awesome when you and your team have the blueprints, tools, and resources to navigate personal and professional challenges! 

Let’s give your team members - who are undoubtedly an integral part of your practice's success - access to tools, strategies, resources, and content that may help them improve their wellbeing so they can enhance their productionperformance, and fulfillment as veterinary professionals, which means better service for your clients and care for your patients! 

At best, by providing your team members with effective, wellbeing-related continuing education course materials, you may help a team member who is silently suffering... and if we’re lucky... we may even directly or indirectly save a life or two! 

Thank you in advance for investing in yourself and your team! 

Don’t be afraid to call, text, or email us sometime! 

We’d love to hear your story and provide support where we can! 

Our Best, 

Renee Machel

Dr. Quincy Hawley 

Dr. Barry Feldman

Thanks for Your Time! Now, Let's Work Together to Increase Wellbeing for Your Team and Our Profession!